4. We do follow through and use new data to change our lives for better – greater meaning in life. We have the idea in hand but do not close our fingers to get a really good grip. The slightest breeze, then, blows it off our hand and the idea is gone.

5. We are compelled to accept and use new data because we have no choice. (Like flood waters ruining our home.)

We can and ever ought to ignore some data that comes to us. If we tried to analyze and use all 400 million bits of information that come to us each second, in our present development as humans, we would be mightily overpowered This would overwhelm the meaning we are trying to gain for our lives.

Another bit of info might be interesting but not impact hard enough for us to hold it. We need to let these go as well.

Further, if we are distracted from following through with a bit of knowledge that would help us, we may not be taking the meaning of our lives as seriously as we might. We may have been too lazy at that moment to make a difference to the meaning of our lives.

But when we deliberately and voluntarily grasp a bit of info and mix it into the meaning of our lives, we are enlarged. Indeed, the meaning we seek may be enhanced as we gather knowledge, when we wish it so.

We hope we are never driven to take on additional data. However, even in that, we may understand something about the meaning of lives. For example, a tornado destroys all our possessions. Yet we are alive and well. That may compel us to understand what is really important in life – possessions or people.